Putting symbols into Title

Mar 12, 2019

Hi - I'm loving Rise. Crisp, clean and sleek. Nice work.

But I need to put TM i.e., trademark, directly after the title. Is this possible? If so, how please?


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Heidi Manning

I work for an organization that uses superscripted registered trademark symbols in much of their content. I need to be able to superscript that symbol in course titles and section headings. I don't have a problem in the body text, but the dialogue box with the superscript option doesn't appear when I highlight text in the course title or section headings. I have tried copying and pasting and using the unicode input. I tested the unicode input tool in Word and it worked fine. I just can't get it to work in Rise. Are there any other work-arounds or any idea when Articulate may make this possible in Rise?

Denton Loomis

Hi Alyssa! Thanks for the demo video you shared to create a superscript or subscript ® (see attached). I tried following the steps you showed. I also tried using other websites to generate the ® to no avail.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Best Wishes,

Karl Muller

Create the ® symbol in Word, then copy and paste it into the title of a Rise Course.

Alternatively, on a Windows PC,  ALT+0174 will also work.

If you have not used ALT codes before, you need to press and hold down the ALT key and then type the four numbers. Then let the ALT key go and the ® character will be displayed.

Stacy Land

I think that getting the symbol is one issue - and getting it superscripted is another.

I was able to get the registration symbol easily by copying from Word, and the Alt key method works too.  However, for lesson titles, I cannot select it, right click and choose to superscript it - I can do this for every time it appears in random text. My client certainly noticed the difference. Is there an open request for this ability?  Thanks in advance.  

Lea Agato

Hi, Brett! I'm sorry to hear your TM symbol isn't looking great when you insert it in your course.  Can you share how you're adding the symbol in your course?  Are you copying it from a different source? What keys are you typing? Please also share a screenshot showing this issue so I can take a closer look. Thanks! 

Will Woodward

Hi Lea, I am experiencing the same issue that Brett ran into. My titles are all in a sans serif font, but when I insert the ™ symbol, it appears in a serif font. I've tried copy/pasting from the Trademark symbol site that was previously shared in this thread as well as inserting via Alt code. Both instances still resulted in the ™ symbol appearing in a serif font upon publishing. Note: in preview mode, the ™ symbol appears in a sans serif font (which is what it should be). Is there a fix or workaround for this?