Question about google analytics

Nov 30, 2022

I have a question about Rise courses and google analytics please.

We create courses in Rise and then export a web package that gets uploaded to our website. We don't use an LMS.

We noticed that we've been getting inconsistent (or zero) data back from Google Analytics for the Rise courses. An external developer we are working with has pulled the site apart and confirmed that the course modules are configured incorrectly - or not at all. Their advice was this:

I have been looking into Google Analytics for the courses - and they are not setup correctly. The index.html inside each of the course Zips should contain a code (which they have provided us).

The bit of code needs to be added to a file in the zip file ("index.html") and then everything needs to be zipped back up again. With this code added to the bottom of the page, before the closing </body> tag it should start sending information through to Google Analytics within the Course Module tab.

Obviously adding this code into every course is very time consuming. Is there something we have missed or can you let me know how we can include this code in the exported web package?

This is not my area of expertise so hoping there is a simple solution!

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Denise Hoskins

Yes please add me as well. I am just about to move from the trial version to a year's subscription. For us as well the Google Analytics tracking is important. While the feature is being considered by Articulate, is there anyone who could do a video on how to manually add it? Would be so appreciated. Many thanks!

Denise Hoskins

Can anyone who has successfully manually added the GA code to the exported index.html file provide a brief description of where it should go? I have a consultant who can manage the backend of the server. He'll upload my files to our website, so he might be able to add the code. I just want to make sure I can give the right instructions.

Vic Jenkins

Hi Denise

If I understand rightly, our developer adds a Google Analytics tag within the 'head' of the index file (in the exported files extracted from the zip folder). We put it in just before the closing </head>  at the end.

This does give us some analytics but so far I've found most of it is pretty meaningless... 

Denise Hoskins

Hi Vic, 

Thanks! I'm curious though why you find it meaningless for your project. Is it because it doesn't track/report on lessons/sections? I can understand that. Though I have now tried it (for a publication developed in RISE). I found it at least provides a number for users, page views (and who scrolled) .  I'd prefer a way to have this code auto embedded during export, and to trigger stats for each lesson/section ideally. But from my perspective not having any data on who went to look at it is a no-go.