Question: How do I track what users complete my onboarding program?


I would like to build a short onboarding program on Rise 360 and give users the link on my onboarding emails. After users 'complete' the onboarding (likely they would just need to take a short quiz at the end or literally just click through all the sections) I would like to send them a certificate of completion. 

My question is how do I know which of my users 'completed' the onboarding? Rise support has told me I have to have access to a LMS program to access this data. I'm a bit surprised (to say the least) that this would be my only option. I'm guessing many people are in my situation that have found another option that does not involve an LMS. At this point I would be fine with the ability to literally export a CSV file of the people that completed my onboarding that is hosted on Rise. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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