Quick turnaround project: Rise limitations?

Jun 03, 2020

Hi everyone, I would love if people could share some of the limitations you've found with authoring courses in Rise and/ or hosting on Rise.com. I've read through a lot of forum posts and found many helpful discussions.

But I'm relatively new to Rise and speed-testing functionality for courses I'm writing/ desiging simultaneously. Also testing out Rise.com for hosting since our immediate needs for reporting and hosting are minimal. I'm creating 2 versions of a series of courses. V1 will be entirely asynchronus; V2 will have some courses delivered live (using PPT, Zoom, etc.). 

Because we have a quick turnaround I need to decide if Rise and Rise.com are the right tools to use without fully knowing the content & activity needs (I've used Articulate products for the better part of a decade; camtasia, Moodle etc; point being I'm not a total novice but I also understand the risks of comitting to software and an LMS (or LMSy-like platform) without a thorough assessment).


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