Quiet Audio Files

May 01, 2018


Our audio files sound normal (regular volume) on our computers before upload, and once we upload them to rise some will become very quiet and we can't figure out why. They are clips of audio already narrated by individuals and it would require us to re-record the entire presentation if we can't sort out how to fix these certain files, and why they are uploading at a lower volume into rise. Any thoughts/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Arin


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Arin O'Boyle


I am using google chrome.

I am in rise using blocks, selecting multimedia, selecting the audio option-

These files are MP3 files, I think some are MP4 files that we have been using as well- I think I have already submitted a case- where I sent/shared the URL for the module we are having issues with- is this the recommended action for sharing the module with team for testing? I think we have a case open.

Thank you!

Arin O'Boyle

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