Quiz in an LMS not recording score

Sep 25, 2018

Hi There, we have set up a quiz in Rise, with completion required at 100% correct. Exported as Scorm and used in a Moodle LMS. We have had a few learners report that they have gone through to the end of the quiz, but it has not recorded a result (and they have answered all questions correctly) but instead get the screen as per shot attached. Reportedly, they get this same screen after reattempting the quiz.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leone,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot with us. It sounds like only a handful of users have run into problems, but the other learners are navigating successfully and having their completion recorded? Do you know what browser the learners who see this error are viewing the Rise course in? I'd want to confirm that it's one of the ones noted here. 

Also, what do you see noted in Moodle once they've completed the course?

Admin Account

Our company is having some of the same issues as detailed here. I hate to see there hasn't been a response from the original poster on this one. 
When we have an issue like this, it always seems to be Google Chrome that is the common denominator. 
One main thing we see is the grade does not report an update to our Moodle LMS when the learner clicks "Take Again" when they fail a quiz. Typically, that is resolved when they exit the course and open it back up and resume the course and retake the quiz again.
We have our courses set to track based on the quiz, not completion progress. 

We are currently doing some further research. For now, we are telling learners to use Mozilla Firefox, as we have had minimal issues with that browser. Microsoft Edge seems to work well also, but Chrome gives us the most support call volume.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Benjamin! Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with certain browsers and you're LMS. I'd like to invite you to open up a case with us here privately so we can investigate further and how your course behaves against different browsers in an LMS standard environment such as SCORM Cloud. Our support engineers will help in testing your course!