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Mar 05, 2020

Hi There,

I've created the function that tracks the completion of a course in Rise 360 by submitting a quiz (in the form of a multiple choice question).  This completion then talks to our LMS and marks the course completed and functions exactly how I want it to.

The only thing is,  I only want the learner to have the ability to be presented with one option, and that option being "Acknowledge"..so when they select that, it registers the completion.  However when selecting a multiple choice quiz it looks like the minimum # of options you must have is two, which make sense. 

However, Is there a way to remove the number of options so its only displays one option?  Or is there a similar work around that will still register the completion of a course in the LMS.    The goal is to have them acknowledge their completion with a single click/button,  which then registers the course complete in the LMS.

I've added attachments.  

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Karl Muller

If you are tracking the completion of a course in Rise 360 by submitting a quiz score, if the student achieves the mastery score, the LMS will automatically set the course status to complete in the LMS.

So there is no need for an additional step where students need to manually acknowledge that they have completed the course, 

Avtar Jagpal

Thanks Karl, 

The course itself does not have a quiz per say that is tracked because it' s more of an "awareness" course.  I only used this function to have them acknowledge there completion because that was the only way i felt the completion can be registered in the LMS, similar to that of a trigger.   Which is why I'm asking them to select or hit the button to acknowledge.  Generally speaking is there a way to limit the multiple choice option down to a single option?  Or is there a way to add a "button" to function the same?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Avtar,

Since you don't need to track this course by quiz score, I have a creative way you could add an acknowledgment button at the end of your course.

  1. After the quiz lesson, add a final blocks lesson.
  2. Inside that lesson, add an interactive button block, and set the destination to Exit Course, as shown below. 

  3. In course settings, set the navigation to Restricted. This will prevent the learner from skipping the quiz.
  4. When publishing the course, select Track using course completion: 100%.
Avtar Jagpal

Thank you Alyssa, works like a charm!

By any chance is there a way to hide a lesson from the menu in Rise?  I know in Storyline you can hide a slide from the menu by editing the player menu, but still have learners view the slide during the course. It just isn't visible in the menu.   I'm wondering if the same or similar feature is available in Rise.  Although i still want the learner to get to the acknowledgement page/button at the end of the course, I just don't want them to see it in the menu because it's not really a lesson per say. 

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