Quiz Retries - Passing then failing which score gets reported?

We have a Rise360 course with a final exam at the end.  The learner needs 80% to pass BUT has unlimited retake options.  My client has reported they have a few learners who have successfully taking the course and PASSED the final exam but have not received a success completion of the course.

Could this happen if they went back and reviewed pages or took the course a second time and perhaps didn't pass or retake the final exam (why should they they already passed it).  What should I advise the client?  Should they make adjustments in their LMS?  Or do I need to put restrictions or alerts in the course if they go back?  Or is it something deeper with our Rise is reporting to the LMS? Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Valeria. Good ideas to explore! Here are two common scenarios, and what generally will happen:

  • Taking the quiz more than once without leaving the course:
    If one of your learners re-takes a quiz multiple times without leaving the course, the most recent quiz score will be sent to the LMS upon exit. So, they could pass it then fail it, or fail it and then pass it, and Rise 360 will report the more recent result.
  • Leaving the course, and then launching the course again:
    If your learners completed and exited the course, and then chose to relaunch the course, most LMSs will prevent them from changing the completed score. They'll be in "review" mode and their first completion will be final.

Start by sharing that information with your client, and let us know if they're seeing something different! I would also be curious about what information their LMS team has to offer about resuming courses.