Randomise questions

Jul 03, 2019


I'm aware that if I insert a quiz lesson in Rise that I can choose settings to randomise question and answer order, but there is no similar feature visible if I insert a question via the Knowledge Check Block.

Are there plans to include this feature in the settings menu of Knowledge Check blocks, particularly for multiple choice or multiple response questions?

We often use single Knowledge Check questions within training blocks to keep up the interactivity rather than lump them together at the end of a lesson or create a separate lesson.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stan. It sounds like you'd like to randomize answer choices in knowledge check blocks. Currently, there isn't a way to do that. The answers will display in the same order even if you use the Try Again option after answering. I do love that you're using knowledge checks to keep up the interactivity!

Tanya Corlett

Hi Crystal,

Yes, I'd like to randomise answer choices as it makes people think harder, and adds more variety if you have someone that passes over the material more than once . And, by the way, also showing the correct answers when the wrong answer is selected makes the Try Again option pointless.

And, in the best of all possible worlds, in Utopia, I would like the ability to include a knowledge check in the Scenario block allowing me to create interesting complex pathways.

Could you ask the development team to consider these options because we are developing learning materials for teams that need a real intellectual challenge.



Andrew Tomko

I see these feedback comments were discussed over 2 years ago. Has there been any development on randomizing answer choices in the knowledge check blocks?

I share the same business needs as others that have commented on this request. I currently have a course that the Coast Guard would like to see the answers randomized. Any information on this feature would be welcomed. I can always do a regular quiz but would rather test their knowledge in small bites throughout the course.

Chintale Williamson

Thanks Andrew for raising this question again. I was sitting here with same issue. I kept checking through the settings to see where I could randomize this, but was sadden when I couldn't find anything. Hence I'm reaching out to the community. 

@Hazel, has this been discussed as a feature upgrade for the near future...like tomorrow :D. Love the option, but it would better serve my learners if randomization was available. 

Mathias Duhourcau

Hello all !

I experience the same issue with the question banks. As the randomization of the question is based on the question and is not global, it selects twice the same question in the quizz, which is not the expected behavior. Is there a way to make Rise smart enough to know that the question has already been drawn above in the quizz ?