Resuming a Storyline Block in Rise

Jul 19, 2022


In a project that I am working on in Rise, I want to provide the learners with the option to "test out" of the course.  Basically, at the beginning of the course they will be given the option to take to assessment or take the entire course.  If they pass the assessment they will skip to the end the course would be marked as completed.  If they do not pass, they would be told which lessons they should complete.  Once they complete the lessons, they would return to the assessment to retry only the questions they answered incorrectly. 

Now, as far as I know, the quizzing feature within Rise requires that the learners retry all the questions in the quiz when they don't pass. So, instead of using the quiz widget in Rise, I thought of using a Storyline block for the quiz.  I know this method would not force learners to take the lessons if they don't pass, but it would suit my purpose enough and I could instruct them on the results slide which lessons to take based on their answers.  

I started to test this method out, and after a little trial and error, I got it work perfectly, except one thing.  When learner returns to page with quiz, the Storyline block resets to the first slide, instead of remaining on the Results slide where they can click the "Retry" button.

Is there any way the set up Rise to resume Storyline block from where the learner left off?  If not, can anyone provide me with suggestions for how I can accomplish the pre-test in Rise?  


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Dawn! Storyline 360 is the perfect option when you need customizations like a pre- and post-test and retrying only incorrect questions! Storyline has quizzing features to make both of your needs possible:

If you would prefer not to build the entire training in Storyline 360, you embed the Rise 360 lessons on a Storyline slide. Let me know if that would be an option for you! 

Dawn Vaccon

Hi Alyssa,

I tested embedding a Rise 360 course into Storyline, and it is not a viable option. 

When you embed a Rise course or any web page into a Storyline project, the dimensions are confined to the the slide size, instead of the browser window size.  I tried to set the slide dimensions of the slide to 1920 x 1080, which is a common resolutions for monitors.  However, it appears that although I turned off the Modern Player, there is still a frame around the slide that prevents it from filling the screen like a normal Rise course.  Basically, whether the Modern Player is turn on or off, the content of the Rise course ends up being much smaller and difficult to read. 

Based on these finding it does not meet our quality standards or our consistency standards, and is not viable. We have decided to look at other options.

Thank you for you help.