Revising Content Within Dividers

Hi there! 

Is there a way to revise the numbers or content in the dividers (numbers or "continue")?

I'm working on a course where I am essentially creating step by step tutorials in Rise using blocks for each section. I've approached a part that has two related topics and I want to keep them in the same lesson, but the steps need to be separate. I've been using the numbered dividers to show the steps and want to go insert a new one that starts at "1" instead of continuing the number sequence. 

Any info would be helpful! 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kaitlyn,

When using a numbered divider, the numbers are preset and can't be edited. If you using the "Continue" divider, you can change the text on that block type - so you could use that to list individual numbers if you'd like instead.

It does sound like a good idea as a feature to edit the numbers in the divider.  Our product team loves hearing new ideas--share yours with us right here. 😁