Rise 360 and IE11: Next button not appearing after completion of Quiz component

Nov 06, 2020

I'm noticing a bug with the Quiz component in IE11 that I have been able to consistently replicate.

The Next button that animates in from the bottom of the screen does not appear initially when successfully completing the Quiz component. However, if you navigate away from the screen, then return to Quiz, the Next button appears.

I noticed the issue while testing in IE11 using Scorm Cloud. I didn't experience the issue when testing in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

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Pete Rix

Hey Alyssa!

Ran updates on my Windows machine and everything is up-to-date. The version of IE11 I currently have installed is Version: 11.630.19041.0 and I'm still seeing the issue.

The project is for a client, so I can't confirm which version of IE11 they are using or if they're all using the same version. I'm going to suggest that they view the content in a different browser.

Thanks much for your help!