Rise 360: Cover Image Issue

Jul 19, 2022

Good afternoon all. A Rise 360 course a colleague of mine is working on is now experiencing an issue with the format of the Cover Image on their course. Prior to the update the image spanned the entire top portion of the course welcome page (computer view) appropriately. Now the same image displays zoomed in.

So I created a quick mock up to see if I could help figure out her issue at https://rise.articulate.com/share/6DaZKlWwZYVP0cbKgCTiRJKMHSQduPrU and the Cover Image displays perfectly on my screen, while it is still zoomed in on hers.

I've added quick images of what the Cover Image looks like on her screen prior to the most recent Rise update vs. now.

Any ideas on how I can assist her and have the Cover Image span the top of the page when in the Computer/PC view? Thank you very much in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shannon! 

The cover image will be cropped differently depending on the size of the browser window and how much the browser is zoomed in.

Check out this 20-second video where I viewed your course with various browser zoom settings. Does your colleague notice a difference if she zooms out on her web browser? 

Shannon Buford

Thank you for the video, I did check her browser settings, and she was at 100% and so was I. Both of us use Chrome as well. I also checked her monitor resolution (just to be sure it didn't affect it) and no change. 

Is there a way to stop the 'adaptive' fit that Rise applies by any chance? Our employees primarily access our trainings via computer, so to have it display correctly on that particular medium is our main goal.

And... Is there a guiding rule on cover images, a ratio or recommended dimension, that I could use in the future?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those details, Shannon. It might also be helpful if you both opened http://howbigismybrowser.com/ to find out if you're using the same browser size as your colleague.

Rise is responsive by design, so there isn't a way to turn off the adaptive fit. In general, we recommend using cover images that have a 3:1 aspect ratio. We also suggest using images that don't have any important logos or text that could be cut off when the course adapts to a different screen size.