Rise 360: user must have password to access a quiz

Dec 30, 2020


I will be publishing quizzes (prepared using Studio 360) to Rise 360. 

In order to maintain the integrity of the assessment process, each user must have their own (unique) password to access the quizzes assigned to the user i.e. the assessment process will be useless if:

  1. User 1 passes a quiz in Rise 360; and
  2. User 2 logs in to Rise 360 using User 1's email address and completes the same quiz (or reviews User 1's answers); and
  3. The activity referred to in "2." above is logged in the system against User 1, instead of User 2; and 
  4. Having completed (or reviewing) the quiz, User 2 then logs in to Rise 360 using their own email address and completes the quiz.  

I saw a reference (in earlier posts) to the access to a published item being restricted by a password. However, this doesn't overcome the problem referred to above because all users can access the same item using the same password.  

I might have missed something obvious - however, I cannot see how I can  assign (in Rise 360) a unique password to each user.

[To remove any doubt, the unique password should enable the single user to access all published items assigned to that user.] 


Any help would be appreciated.




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Jon Greenheld

Hi Karl,

As indicated by the extract below (from an email message sent by Articulate in November 2020), Rise is being promoted by Articulate as a learning management system (as well as a course development tool). 

Rise.com by Articulate is an all-in-one system that makes online training easy to create, distribute, track, and analyze. And, as an Articulate Online customer, you can save up to 60% on Rise.com, depending on which plan you choose.

Learn from Articulate Chief Learning Architect Tom Kuhlmann why Rise.com is the perfect replacement for Articulate Online.

[emphasis added]




Renz Sevilla

Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out! As Matthew has shared, Rise.com and Rise 360 are two different systems.

Rise 360 is a course development app. Training developed in Rise 360 must be exported to a learning management system (LMS) for viewing, tracking, and analytics. 

Rise.com is an all-in-one online training system that gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze your training. Rise.com includes all the authoring functionality from Rise 360, plus a library of pre-built lessons on common business topics. 

In short, Rise 360 lets you create courses only. Rise.com lets you create, distribute, track, and analyze courses.

Hope that clarifies things! You can learn more about Rise.com at www.rise.com. You can also email the team at sales@rise.com

Jon Greenheld

Hi Renz,

Thanks for the clarification. I now understand the distinction between:

  • Rise 360 [ course development software accessed from https://rise.articulate.com/ ]; and
  • Rise.com [ comprised of course development software (Rise 360) and a learning management system accessed from https://rise.com/ ]

Therefore, I should have referred to the LMS component of "Rise.com", instead of referring to "Rise 360".

However, I still need a solution to the problem referred to in my first message (at the top of this page).

In order to access Articulate Online, each user is required to enter their email address and a password (assigned to them by the Administrator).  The password increases the Administrator's confidence that each learner has achieved the learning objectives i.e. (unless the user has provided their password to another user):

  • it's likely the assessment results recorded by Articulate Online for an individual user relate to that user; and
  • it's unlikely a user will be able to login (using another user's email address and password) to Articulate Online and complete an assessment item using the other user's ID or review an assessment item that's been completed by the other user.  

[i.e. as explained in my first message (at the top of this page), the integrity of the assessment process is threatened if each learner has not been provided with a unique password.]

Promotional material issued by Articulate includes the following statement:

"Rise.com is the perfect replacement for Articulate Online"

Please advise me whether the LMS component of Rise.com currently allows the administrator to assign a unique password to each user i.e. this feature does not appear to be available - however,  I might have overlooked this option.

If the LMS component of Rise.com does not currently allow the administrator to assign a unique password to each user - please advise me whether Articulate has plans to incorporate this feature in the near future. 



Renz Sevilla

That’s a great question, Jon! The Rise.com team would be happy to answer your questions!

For learner credentials in Rise.com, learners can set up their own passwords upon their initial login into the Rise system and change their passwords as needed on their own.

To get you more details on Rise, I'll have someone from the team reach out to you shortly!