RISE 360 WC3 Accessibility standards

May 08, 2023

Hello amazing Articulate community. I am about to embark on creating a course that needs to conform with the WC3 standards. Surprisingly I haven't needed to design a course such as this.  I've read up on RISE 360 accessibility settings, but wanted to know if anyone has any 'pearls of wisdom'.  I was going to do lots of research, and also if RISE 360 already has a templated course. I know RISE already do a lot towards WC3 in their builds, but wondered if there's already a course using the correct colors and settings etc.  Grateful


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Steven Benassi

Hi Kim!

It sounds like you had some questions about WC3 standards within Rise 360 courses. I'd be happy to help!

The templates are not inherently accessible, because the purpose is for the content to be customized, which could potentially break accessibility. You can certainly start with a template, and then make your content accessible through things like alt text, closed captions, etc.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Kim Rushbrooke

Thank you Steven, I thought that may be the answer. I think given that RISE has done al lot of preparation for WC3 standards, it will be up to me to do some PD around this, and incorporate as much accessibility I can, eg alt text, cc, and the right contrast ratios etc.  If anyone else has any other helpful hints, I'd be grateful.  Have a great week..