Rise: All Videos playing automatically

Jan 31, 2023

I have several Rise courses in which I have embedded StoryLine videos. When I access the courses outside of the LMS, no problem. When the learner clicks the video it plays when it is supposed to.

However, when I publish the courses to the LMS, and the learner accesses the course, all the videos in a lesson play automatically at once. 

I have seen previous threads about this issue. I can't locate those discussions. Please help! I have done all I know to trouble shoot. I have tried to add a play button in the SL file. Doesn't seem to work.

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Erin Buckley

Thanks, Jack - I am in the process of doing just that. So I have inserted a slide before the start of each of the SL videos. Just wanted a cleaner way to do it without te extra re-work.

 I also notice a little lag to the start of the next slide - timing is a smidge off. This bothers the perfectionist in my. The SL videos include imported VYond videos with imported audio (to include the CC), and some added SL elements for interest. 

Exceedingly disappointed that Articulate still has not fixed this issue programmatically.

Jack Ding

Hey Erin,
Adding new features to Rise 360 is slow. Adding a new page before each video can slow down the playback speed. I solved this problem by adding a pause button at the top of the video so it doesn't automatically play. Then I add two Start and Pause buttons, each with a trigger, so students can play the video at will (see image). I hope this information is helpful.

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