Rise Bulleted List Syncable with Audio Narration

Feb 12, 2019

Hi there, 

Are you able to sync a bulleted list with audio narration in Rise?

In PowerPoint, I believe they refer to this as"progressive disclosure" or something to that affect.


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Anthony Goss

This is not possible in Rise.  You could build this in Storyline and insert a Storyline block into Rise.  You could also insert a video with the bullet points already synced.  Something else that could work would be to use a process interaction with each bullet point on its own step.  You could then add an audio track to each step.  

Anthony Goss

Yes.  You can insert audio AND insert a picture/video/embed AND text.  I use the process interaction to create an interactive slide show in Rise.  While the student still has to initiate the audio by clicking play, it is similar to what would happen if the student were to view a slide in a PowerPoint presentation that has audio.  I have even saved each slide in a PP as an image and then inserted it as the image in the process interaction.  I then added the existing slide audio.  

Martika Cox

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for jumping in here!

Hi JC,

Anthony is correct that right now in Rise 360 there isn't a way to add audio to a bulleted list.

It looks like he is sharing some creative solutions to achieving your goals here but I wanted to share this article on media supported by block type in Rise 360.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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