Rise - Changing Button Colours

Mar 05, 2019

Hi there,

Is there a way in Rise to change button colours for different lessons? I'm creating a short course on personality styles where each lesson needs to be a different colour. It would be great if I could edit the continue buttons and divides for example to match the colour of the lesson. Any idea if there's a way to do this?

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Maria Rodrigo

Hi Team, Just logging my vote to the above thread. Would be great if I could edit the Continue button to do a couple of things: 1. Change the colour to match the course branding, 2. Change the shape of the Continue button..

If there is an update on when to see some changes - it would be great to hear :-)

Fraser Gordon

We just ran into this issue ourselves. The highlight color is great for making a good dividing line to draw attention, but the color we chose was too bright for our buttons, so we customized the colors of buttons to something more appropriate.

After doing all this, we noticed the "Continue" button cannot be customized, so we have a mismatch of buttons throughout the course materials when we are adding a Continue divider vs. buttons to do other things, such as launching other pages.

It would be nice if the Continue button could default to that theme setting, but also allow overriding the actual button color, the same as you can do for other button types, for consistency's sake.

Fraser Gordon

Thanks Hazel, and I do understand the functionality of the customized theme colors. My point was that many UI elements are forced to follow the theme color, and in our case we don't want to change all those other elements just to align the color of a Continue button with the color of our other (customized) buttons.

I've attached a sample of our issue. We want ALL buttons to be the same color (blue), but there are elements controlled by the theme colors that we don't want to be the same color as the buttons (for example, the line at the top we want to stay red).

We can change interactive buttons and button bars to be custom colors (which is good), but as soon as we add a Continue button, it is forced into being a different color from all our other buttons, simply because it is a Continue button, and must follow the theme colors. Because we are able to custom-set the color of the other buttons, it is that much more jarring to realize we can't change the Continue button's color without resorting to changing the overall theme color, which we don't want to do.

It would be ideal if all buttons we put in our courses could be customized separately from the theme colors. This was the gist of the enhancement I was suggesting.

Stephen Dauchert

I agree with the comments above—it would be helpful to have the option to customize the Continue Button color. We'd like to change the color within a single training. For example, "CONTINUE" uses our brand colors to continue to the next section of the training. At the end of the course, we include an embedded survey. I'd like this survey to be optional to complete, but same color and branding makes it appear required—as if it's part of the course. 

Our current workaround is to include a single button linked to the next lesson, as opposed to the continue button. It's a little smaller, but works. Go to Add Block > Interaction > Button. The button color can be customized.