Rise - Content Paths

Oct 06, 2021

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a learning experience for multiple groups in one Rise course.

Imagine something like this:

Group A: Lessons 1-10, 11-12

Group B: Lessons 1-10, 13-14

Group C: Lessons 1-10, 15

I imagine I can put a button stack at the end of Lesson 10 asking learners to select whether they are in Group A, Group B or Group C and that would direct them to the correct lesson.  However, is there any way to hide what's not relevant to them?  I don't want them to get confused and accidentally end up navigating back to  the wrong section.


Additionally, is it possible to have a Branch Scenario pop learners into specific lessons?  Or a way to add more content to Branch scenarios than just simple text?

Thank you!


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Marisa! Thanks for reaching out! Correct, you can add a button stack to redirect users to different lesson groups. 

You could hide the navigation so that users don't scroll back into the wrong section, and a button to skip to the end of the course at each respective group's last lesson.

As for your request for Scenario Blocks to include links to specific lessons, I can take this as a feature request! If we make any changes to this, I'll let you know!