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Ole Djurhuus

Hi again Arek
I tested a scorm package on my test site www.studierum.dk. It seems that you should be able to get rid of everything in the popup window in the settings. Under Appearance in the SCORM settings choose to display package in New window. Click on Show more... at the bottom - see ill. 1.

For width and height I used 1080 x 700. Set width and height to 100 if you want 100%.

Set the other things and test - see ill. 2.. 

If it doesn't work try another theme e.g. Clean. If there is no luck there, you have to play with the custom.css in your theme. See this discussion: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=312778. I would try the last post.


alan coe

Hi what I found trying it now is you don't have to do anything with a new theme or CSS.

1) Find the cog/gear icon that applies to the Rise scorm package. (Easy to mistakenly click the cog/gear icon for something else like the course itself) and select 'edit settings.'

2) scroll down and expand the 'appearance' tab. Then immediately click "show more." If you don't click 'show more', you won't see the width and height fields.

3) In Display Package, select 'New Window' and then set width and height to maybe 100%

The new window displays the Rise Course with nothing surrounding it except a URL at the top.