Rise Course published as HTML not playing embedded Storyline content

May 30, 2023


I recently published my Rise360 course as HTML and when I load the files to a web server, none of the embedded Storyline 360 content will play.  All of the other content plays. The same course, published as SCORM and loaded to a LMS plays fine.

The need for the HTML version is because we have a population of non-employees that need to take the training but do not have access to our LMS.

Has anyone else run into this and found a solution?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Michael! Thanks for reaching out.

I understand that none of the embedded Storyline content plays in your Rise course when hosted on a web server. What kind of content or interactions do you have on your Storyline projects? Does the issue persist if you publish your Rise 360 course to Review 360? What web server are you using? Have you tried uploading your course on a different web server?

I tested a couple of my Rise courses with embedded Storyline block and hosted them in Amazon S3. I had no issues playing the Storyline content on both courses. Here's a sample Rise course with embedded Storyline step-by-step try mode slides. Let me know if that plays for you.

If you're willing to share your Storyline files or Rise course with us, our support engineers are more than happy to help you troubleshoot the issue. You may upload your files to us by opening a case here

Michael Monahan


Thank you for responding. It only was a problem when publishing to a web server. Worked fine on Review and when published to SCORM 2004 and loaded on an LMS. I was able to get it to work by publishing the Storyline content without Adaptive set on the Quality setup area of publishing. That did the trick.

Thank You,

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