Rise - Creating link to interactive block or heading on the same page

Aug 21, 2018


Is there any way to create "bookmarks" for interactive blocks or headings on the same page? I'd like to be able to provide a button bank or hyperlinks at the top of pages which require scrolling; however, the only options the button bank "Go to" offers is other lessons. Would this be an enhancement?

Thank you for all you do!!

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Alex Neuman

Hello! I'm writing from the future, in the year 2023. Users are still looking for the ability to use anchors to navigate to blocks within the page.

Our AI overlords have stated that this is capable by adding a "Name" field in the edit flyout of each block.

In the hyperlink tool, you would just type "#anchorname" as the URL and that link would jump down to the block with the same name.