Rise - embed an interaction in a blog post

Jun 09, 2017

We have a user community built in Drupal. Is there a way to:

1. Disable the top part of the Rise template (the really wide area that shows the heading and author's name.

2. Create a one page interaction like flipcards and embed that into a blog post on our user community?

Or would it always have to be linked to open in a new browser window?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Heather! You've got some great questions--I'd love to help!

  1. The area that contains the header and author's name is included on the top of each lesson by default. You do have the option to remove the author's name to decrease the overall size of the header area--here's how!
  2. You could create a course with one Flashcard Block lesson to embed in your blog, as long as your blog platform will allow you to host web content that's been built elsewhere. What platform are you using? 

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