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Trina Rimmer

Hey Natalie. Isn't this such a cool (and cute) Rise example?

Sarah did two things here. First, when she uploaded her cover image (the blue gif with the dog and cat), she unchecked the box next to "show in sidebar." This makes that cover image fade away as the course is started to reveal the red accent color.

Unchecked show in sidebarShe chose that red accent color for her course under Settings > Theme > Font & Color Customization.

Animated gif of accessing color themes in Rise

I hope this helped!

Tom Kuhlmann

You need to use a gif maker and then each frame has to be transparent. I use ScreentoGif which is free. 

Depending on the type of animation, I'd build it in PowerPoint and treat each slide as a frame. Then create the animation that way. Right click on the objects and save as image (PNG).

Then you need to import the individual frames into the gif app and save as .gif.