Rise Matching Question SCORM Problem


I'm using a Matching Question for a test in Rise, but i having a problem, when i export the file in SCORM format, the matching question doesn't allow me to submit my answer.

When i try the test both in preview mode, and in the Web export format(no scorm), it doesn't have any problems.

Is there a way to solve this error?, or is a Rise problem?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Alfredo,

I’m sorry you’re having some trouble with the Matching Knowledge Check Block.

If you haven’t already I would try troubleshooting your LMS using SCORM Cloud. You can learn more about doing that here.

If you’re still feeling stuck afterwards reach out to our Support Team. They can help you troubleshoot further.

If you need more help don’t hesitate to reach - I’d be happy to help!


Alfredo Diaz

Sorry, I think you are not understanding my problem.  I haven't upload the File in any scorm plataform.

The situation is than i make a Test module in Rise, and it has 3 matching question, when I preview the exam pn articulate 360 i can finish it without any problem. The same is when i export it as a Web Only object.

But when i export it as an LMS, not only SCORM 1.2, but all the options, when i'm doing the test and arrive to the Matching Question, i answer it, and the submit button becomes available, it doesn't submit it, I just click the button without any response and the user can't finish the course.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Alfredo,

I'm sorry we misunderstood your initial problem. It sounds like when you export your course to LMS you can no longer hit the submit button once you complete the matching knowledge block. Is that correct?

Why don't we get your course over to our support team. You can reach them here.