Rise quiz feedback not showing


I have an issue whith Rise Quiz related to the questions feedback. I've setup Correct/Incorrect feedback in the quiz, but the feedback doesn't appears unless the quiz option "Reveal answers" is marked "on". However, I don' want to show the learners the correct option after the submission (unless the learner have marked the correct one...)

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance


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Victoria Sanderson

We are getting a lot of complaints from customers and employees about training participants not being able to see if they got a question right or wrong on our Certification exams. We don't want to turn on the answers; however, if someone doesn't pass they don't know what questions they missed. Any assistance on updating the quiz feature would be great.  

Laurie Roth

YES--PLEASE make it such that feedback can be provided WITHOUT revealing the correct answer. It seems like all that would need to happen is to separate the feedback and the correct/incorrect indicator options into two separate toggles. Since this has been reported so many times over the last two years, it should be on the roadmap, right?