Rise quiz issue

Feb 19, 2021

Hi I had an issue with a Rise quiz today. I answered a Multiple Response question correctly, on the screen the highlight boxes outlined the two correct responses, with two small ticks and one small cross against the incorrect response. However down in the feedback area below the question, the incorrect message and cross was displayed! It also affected the overall score and meant I didn't pass the test.

After a bit of investigating (as I keep backup versions - duplicates of the course at major changes to the course) I discovered that the question had been originally a Multiple Choice question and after a SME review which had requested if the question could be changed to a Multiple Response question. I just used the drop down box provided and changed the question type and added the extra correct responses.

I didn't find the issue until I was doing LMS testing in our sandbox. To solve this I had to create a new question and deleted the old one. I think that this might be a bug with Rise so please be aware if you make the same change which i did to an existing question type that it will not score properly.

cheers Gerry     

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