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Kevin Thorn

Hi Riccardo. My first thought would be to use the MR block for Multiple Response where both answers are correct. And then choose 'feedback by choice' rather than 'feedback by question'.

Either selection will show the appropriate feedback. And since both choices are set to 'correct', the reporting/scoring will give the student credit for answering the question even if it is just offering an opinion.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Riccardo. Using any knowledge check question type will evaluate the answer for correctness and display "Correct" or "Incorrect" with your feedback. The multiple response question type will require the learner to select all of the correct choices to be marked correct.

For an ungraded interaction, you have some options, depending on your course design:

  • The accordion block will let the user click on a choice and receive feedback for that choice. It will also allow them to see the feedback for the other choice.
  • A button stack block allows the learner to click on a choice and navigate to another lesson based on that choice.
  • Storyline blocks allow you to add fully customized interactions built from Storyline 360, including ungraded questions.

I'd love to hear other ideas from the community for ungraded questions!