Rise: restricting access within a course

Jul 04, 2017

Hi everyone

We are currently using Rise to build short, online assessments to complement face-to-face training sessions, which also act as a way to record training attendance on our LMS.

Is there a way in Rise to restrict access to the rest of the course dependent on an answer to an initial question. e.g. "Did you attend this face-to-face training session?"

The quiz functionality allows the user to continue to the next lesson even if we set a pass mark of 100% and restrict the navigation, so we haven't been able to do it this way. 

Has anyone done anything similar, or can just think of a creative way to achieve this within the limitations of Rise?

Thanks so much


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Carolyn Viso

In case anyone is interested in this, after some further research I found the following workaround: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise/faking-a-branching-interaction

I've used a button stack with two options (yes I have attended the training or no I haven't), with the YES button linking to the next lesson to continue, and the NO button linking to EXIT COURSE.

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