Rise Screen Reader Accessibility Issues

May 03, 2022

Hello folks, during recent testing of one of our Rise courses, we noted the following issues when taking the course using NVDA screen reader:

  1. Cards: sometimes, alt text for card is not read automatically when card is turned over, but if you use the up arrow, you can access the alt text
  2. Text + Image blocks (specifically with a photo on the left and text on the right): the alt text for the photo sometimes appears first, then the text items; sometimes in the middle of the text arbitrarily, and sometimes not at all. if you up arrow, you can always access the alt text, but it doesn't always appear in the correct FO on the first go
  3. In the posttest, on single-answer options, sometimes answer is submitted automatically when choice is selected, other times, you have to select the answer and then arrow down to submit, I can't figure out why and am curious for y'alls thoughts - is this a spacebar enter selection.

I believe these may be bugs with Rise, but could just as easily be user-error on my part. Can  you provide any insights on this?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Valerie! Thanks for sharing what you found with testing.

  1. We have a bug documented for this behavior where NVDA doesn't immediately read the text after turning the card. I'll make sure this discussion is updated with a fix when available.
  2. I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior. I created a lesson with a text + image block for each layout, and when using the arrow button to read through the content, NVDA read the image alt text when I was focused on the image and not the text.
  3. I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior either. If I hit enter on the answer choice, the radio button would show as selected, but it didn't automatically submit. I could arrow up or down and choose a different answer. If I used space to select an answer, using the arrow up or down would change my selection to whichever choice I was focused on. I had to hit enter or space bar again to submit my choice.

For the behaviors that I couldn't reproduce, we'd be happy to look at an example course where you're seeing inconsistency! You can connect with us privately by clicking here, and we'll see if we can offer more specific insight!