Rise sorting activity putting drop targets out of order

Jul 12, 2023

Hi there!

I am creating a sorting exercise in which the drop targets need to stay in order. But every time I close the edit screen, the drop targets go out of order. It would be confusing to the students to see A, B, D, C rather than A, B, C, D. 

Why is it doing this and how do I make it stop?  See pics.

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Denise! Thanks for reaching out and sharing the screenshots of your concern.

The 3rd and 4th category in a Sorting Activity gets shuffled if the 1st category has more or longer items than the 2nd one. Here's a quick screen recording on how the 3rd and 4th categories switch places in Edit mode.

I'll check with our product team regarding this behavior and I'll log it as a possible software bug if necessary. I'll reach out again to you if I receive any updates regarding the Sorting Activity's behavior.

In the meantime, to ensure that what your students will see is in the correct order, try adding the 3rd and 4th categories one at a time. Or if you added them, similar to my example, don't switch the 3rd and 4th categories place in Edit mode.