Score update error on re-taking Rise module

May 20, 2021

We have a number of Rise modules with assessments which have recently started to behave differently if re-published. Previously, if a learner achieved a pass on the assessment, but then went back and re-took the assessment, their overall score would be updated if they got a higher score on the second attempt.

However, at some point this seems to have changed. With courses published recently, even if they previously worked as described above, the overall score is not updated on the second attempt. We are using Brightspace LMS, but I have confirmed this by uploading a course published some time ago and the same course recently re-published to SCORM Cloud, so it is not an LMS issue.

Just to be clear, this only applies when the learner has already achieved a pass and wants to achieve a better score. If the learner fails on the first attempt, their score still updates if they subsequently pass.

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