Sharing folder in Rise

Jan 07, 2019


Is it possible for Rise users to share folders? We have a mid-sized team of developers and we would like to store final files in a shared folder structure (for maintenance and translation purposes). Is this possible?

I know you can add collaborators, but can you share folders with a specific group of people like you would share a google folder?


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ewa,

Thanks for your question!

Right now, there isn’t a way to share folders with team members in Rise. We’d love to hear more about how this feature would improve your experience using Rise if you’d be up for logging a feature request.

We’re working on ways to make team collaboration in Rise even easier and I’ll make sure your voice gets added to the discussion.

Ewa Mwaura

Thanks, I did that yesterday :) 

Currently, we are using google drive to store final files (e.g. storyline sources) and have a process built around that. We cannot use that same processes with Rise. 

I understand we can add collaborators but the point is that if you have a big team (ours is about 20 developers), adding collaborators to every file is not efficient.

These are typical scenarios:

1. All developers need access to all in progress and final materials in case someone falls ill or is absent.  Or simply because another person is tasked with updating the content and not the original creator (and with a big team you can never know who it will be);

2. When you start translating content, the number of files gets even bigger and adding collaborators to specific files gets even harder. E.g. some of our courses are translated into 6 languages and when we update the English content we also need to update translations. We would like to be able to store final Rise files in a central place to which our developers and translation company would have access. This is where they would also add translated Rise files.

Any tips on how to make it more efficient are welcome! Thanks!




Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

Before someone leaves or you turn off their subscription, it's a good idea to have them transfer ownership of their courses to another team member.

If you don't, we'll still keep their courses on our servers for at least six months after their subscription expires. Here's more information on how that all works.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Gianina Hayes


Yes, I too would like to have this feature added.  Our team runs into similar issues as Ewa pointed out where a correction needs to be made in Rise and ultimately published before removing and replacing the original SCORM package in the LMS.  If the individual who serves as "Owner" is out of town or ill, we are all stuck with waiting until they return to publish the changes or stop whatever they are doing to transfer ownership.  This really slows things down.

I suggested to my colleagues that we create a "Service Email Account" for our team, create a new Articulate account from the "Service Email Account", give everyone access to it, copy all of our files and transfer ownership to the newly created "Service Email Account".  Our concern is that Articulate would charge us for another account, as if we added another team member, even if it is not tethered to an individual.  Is this a valid concern?  Is it possible to please create a form of multiple ownership so we can stop playing the waiting game?  This would be so helpful.

Allison LaMotte

Hi everyone,

Good news: we just released some new features that are going to solve a lot of the pain you've points you've brought up in this thread. 

The first one allows you to assign different roles for different users. Here's a video that shows how that works

The second one makes it easy to transfer Rise 360 content from one team member to another when someone leaves the team.

Check out this video to see how it works and this step-by-step tutorial for more details. 

And these aren't the only cool features we released today! Visit our what’s new page for the full list.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. :)

Julie Willett

Jumping in to request folder share capabilities. Our team will use the Rise cloud storage to organize and share the content. Having the ability to organize our content in folders and share them with the team will not only enhance productivity while working on the project but is very important for later reference existing materials. We are constantly updating our content and need the ability to give everyone on the team visibility into what exists on the Rise server.

Bob Budiongan

I agree with the other requests. While we can share the file, and even provide admin rights to the file, the inability to have shared folder structures for developers is functionality that should be core the idea of collaboration for Teams.

Having a Rise folder structure for Published, Archive, WIP on my end, and the inability to share that with the team is not an ideal situation.

7 months and counting...

Brandon Harper

Tagging into this thread to see updates. This is a feature we desperately need. 

We have team members in a couple areas of the country collaborating on projects. We need to be able to have members from two different networks/locations able to access the same Storyline file at different times. RIght now, it looks like Google Drive is our only option. The issue is that we will have to download the file any time someone is working on it and the upload the updates. It's very easy to just hit save and forget that it's not saved to a cloud. It would be great to have a teams cloud to save to and access the files directly no matter where you are located. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Brandon!

It sounds like you're looking for collaboration features in Storyline 360. Teams Slides allows you to create a library of shared slides that everyone can access right from Storyline 360. You can upload branded project templates, share slides that need to be in every course, and give teammates access to reusable slide content.

While this feature doesn't allow multiple authors to work on a single course file at one time, hopefully it will make collaboration a little easier for your team.

Brandon Harper

Thanks Alyssa! That is helpful and it will achieve some of our goals. It sounds more like Team Slides will be used by us more as like a Master Template for projects within the normal corporate scope. 

What we thinking is to be able to save a stored project in a location that is created by an East Coast Team. Later the West Coast team may access this project and continue to work on the project. Not that we would want access to work at the same time on the same file, but that we would want to have a single course file that is accessible from different users within a team. 

Jeremy Williams

Can I add another upvote for shared Rise 360 folder structures between collaborators? We have a small team of collaborators, but we publish a number of similar but differently-branded courses with the same title and the list quickly becomes unwieldy. We'd love someone to have an overall admin role who can create folders and keep the contents consistent for all collaborators.