Sorting Activity

Jul 28, 2020

I used the sorting activity in one of my modules that included 3 categories in which a learner could sort different choices. Does the sorting activity allow the learner to choose more than one card for a category? 

I have attached an image that shows Prestige on the top. The learner can move the prestige card into the most important category or less important or add values of their own category. Can the learner add more than one card to the most important category? 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Sue, 

Thanks for reaching out!

The screenshot Alyssa shared is the editing area of the Sorting Activity Block. 

What you're planning to do seems a better fit for a Storyline interaction, and inserted as a Storyline Block into Rise 360.

The sorting activity in Rise 360 is for specific categories, meaning right and wrong answers depending on which category the card is placed in, so it can't have a common category pile.

You may want to try Drag and Drop interactions mixed with Hot Spot interactions in Storyline 360 for this.  

Hope that helps!