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Dec 07, 2017


I used a card sorting activity as part of a small Rise course - 2 lessons. Feedback from some: The progress forward after having finished the sort activity, was not so obvious as the only way to continue was to go to next lesson - e.g. no Continue button. 

I tried to add a Divider from Blocks,but couldn't make it appear after the sorting activity to help progress.

Any idea? Or can I (should I rather) build the sorting activity in Storyline 360 and include that in Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ole!  These are great design conversations to have.  The sorting activity is a standalone lesson type, and the continue block can be a part of a block lesson, which is also its own lesson type.

What is the other lesson after sorting activity? If you used the Storyline idea, you could create a block lesson that includes your Storyline interaction, and then include additional content blocks in the same lesson for a better flow for your learners.

Hoping to hear some other ideas from our community, too!

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