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Alyssa Gomez

Welcome to the community, Nancy! You came to the right place for help. ūüôā

Can you tell me a bit more about what you're looking to do? Do you want to download a back-up copy of your Rise course for storage purposes? Are you trying to send a copy of a course to another Rise author? 

With a few more details, I can point you in the right direction. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for confirming that, Nancy! Because Rise is a web-authoring tool, all of the editable content will stay online. But as long as the course is owned by an active subscription holder, it will always be available to be updated! 

You do have the option to download an offline copy of your course, but keep in mind you won't be able to re-upload that copy back into Rise at a later date. My teammate Ashley created a video demo here to show you how it's done. 

Peggy McGee

Follow up question here on a similar topic - as the admin/team leader, would I have access to the source files that my team creates?  It would be part of my job to manage the source files, and make assignments of developers, but would need to have one location where all source files are managed. Is that possible with Rise?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peggy,

Each of your teammates would need to invite you to be a Collaborator on a course, or send you a Copy of the course. You can read here about the differences between those two options.

I know a few folks have asked about more options for teams and specifically admin access, so I'll keep you posted on that here! 

Simeon Gavalas

For professional content development it seems that with your current model, Rise is not an option that can be used in most enterprise or even academic scenarios.

Apart from obvious legal or regulatory reasons that may require keeping source files offline, there is also the issue of the ability to edit something that you have ‚Äúarchived‚ÄĚ at a later time.

Example: a client requests development of courses. Courses are created and delivered in the desired published format. In most scenarios the client requests-expects the source files to archive. The developer also keeps a backup for any future updates ‚Äď changes (educational content is not a static thing...).

Then a year later the need arises to edit one of the courses. Unless there exists somehow the option to ‚Äúupload‚ÄĚ these source files to the editing environment in order to work with them, any ‚Äúarchiving option‚ÄĚ is useless.

It seems that now, Rise ‚Äúsource files‚ÄĚ are required to exist only within the active subscription. ¬†Even assuming that the developer maintains an active subscription every year (regardless of actual demand for work) it is not realistic to expect the client to also keep an active subscription just for storing the ‚Äúsource files‚ÄĚ for a project.

In reality, this has stopped us dead for proposing Rise as a development option in a lot of cases that it would otherwise really make sense.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Simeon,

Since Rise 360 is a web app and there's no way to edit sources files on the desktop, we don't have any plans to allow you to export the source files. I'm sorry to hear that that's a dealbreaker for you. 

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

KK Kong

Say I create a RISE output with "No LMS-Web Only" option and send the zip file to a client who currently doesn't have  a subscription, can the client save the file, in the future subscribe and reopen the file for editing?  Is there a time limit for doing so, and does it rely on me (the course creator) keeping my subscription alive?






Nicole Legault

Hi KK!

Thanks for posting your question. The output/zipped files you get when you publish to Web cannot be opened and edited. You need to have a subscription to Articulate 360, be logged in, and have access to a copy of the Rise 360 course to make changes and edits. Hope this answers your question! 

Have a great day :) 

KK Kong

Thanks.  Then if I stop my subscription, does it mean I will lose all Rise courses on my account? How long will Articulate keep courses not linked to an active subscription?

Is there a solution that a Rise course can be saved somewhere without an active subscription, and reopen for update later with a new subscription?

If there is no solution for the above simple request, I don't see how to propose Rise tool to clients.  There is no way my clients will keep, year after year, a subscription just to avoid the source files from being deleted.

Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

We keep your courses on our servers for at least six months after your trial or subscription expires. If you renew your subscription during that time, you'll have access to all your courses again. Here's more information on how that all works.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

David Tait

I think a good compromise would be to enable users to download a Rise package of some description. 

I would see this package as something that could be stored offline, with the understanding that it is only editible online with an active subscription. I'm speculating completely here but where this might result in a drop off in people subscribing on an indefinite basis there's an argument that any lost revenue could be made up by those who are currently unable to subscribe due to the issue we're discussing being resolved.

I'm not sure whether this could work for anyone but maybe for developers who don't have a need to subscribe to 360 (perhaps they're working exclusively in another tool at a client's request or are a freelancer who's taken up a permanent role), Articulate could offer Storage 360. For a monthly/annual fee developers could extend the 6 month period that courses will exist on Articulate servers post-subscription expiry.

KK Kong

Thanks Allison.

Many members have already explained why the current model doesn't work.  May I ask is there any timetable to review our requests for source files download?  My clients are close to dropping all Rise development plans.  It is a shame given how nicely the tool is designed.


Allison LaMotte

Hi David and KK,

Thanks for your feedback. We don't currently have any plans to allow you to export the source files. I'm sorry to hear that that may a dealbreaker for certain clients.

That being said, we're still tracking customer feedback on this. I'll let you know if anything changes here.

Kimberly Goh

I was surprised to learn that there isn't a way to centrally archive output source files for Rise, and yes, this could be a deal breaker for some clients. Possibly Articulate isn't hearing a lot of complaints about it because people aren't fully aware of this limitation.

What David suggested might be a good way for Articulate to meet customer needs. Are you just collecting feedback here in the community, or do you need us to submit an actual feature request? 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kimberly. We monitor for feature requests and the customer impact whether they're in the E-Learning Heroes community, in a support case or submitted with the feature request form. There's no wrong way to tell us what you need!

If you have underlying questions about what happens to your content if a team member leaves or if you have security concerns, we're always happy to talk about it with you.

Joan DeSoto

As a large health care institution, we have the need to create a library of our source files. I agree with the comments and requests above. We need a way to output the source files for our own backup. 

Has there been any decision or movement by Articulate on this topic in the past couple of months? I am about to start a very large project and would like to use Rise. I am considering whether I realistically can use Rise because of this issue.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joan!

For a backup version of a Rise 360 course, publish the content and choose Web from the Export Type drop-down list. This will generate a zipped output file that you can store on your hard drive.

Should you ever need to use the backup file in the future, just host it on a web server, or unzip the file and view the index.html file offline. There isn't a way to upload the output file back into Rise 360, but you can always use it to create a new course.

Jen Wicking

Hi Alyssa,

Just joining the discussion as I work for a company that is not allowed to host content on servers located outside of our country (Australia). We would love to upgrade to A360 as Rise, Review and SL360 have some wonderful colloberative tools that we want to use, however policy prohibits us from doing so. 

We run our own network and servers, so would appreciate the ability to install those apps on premise, and link to a local server.  

We currently use SL3, however our UAT and review process is manual, involves a lot of emails, spreadsheets and back and forth till its done. Would be much easier to use Review. :) 

Emily Lloyd

I'd like to chime in on this discussion as well. We are a small company developing training for multiple non-profit organizations and government agencies. All of our projects are contract, and one of the contract requirements is that we deliver source files. I've shown demos of Rise and folks love the clean look and like the idea of using it, but without the ability to export a source file to deliver, we've not been able to use it. 

I'm proposing to a client that we deliver the web version as a source since I'm assuming that technically you could edit that, swap photos/videos/text etc. if you really wanted to. But I have to disclose that they cannot upload that version to Rise at a later date and that may be a deal breaker for them. 

We have hundreds of courses we are looking to develop in the next few years and really want to start using Rise regularly. 

Please consider offering a source file export. This is a huge limitation to this software. 

Thank you!