Saving Rise Source Files to Local Hard Drive

Apr 03, 2017


Currently it does not seem possible to save the Rise source files to one's local machine. As we plan do develop some modules in Rise for clients, we would need to send them the source files if they would like to modify the modules themselves at a later stage. 

I understand that there may be sharing of Rise files between accounts for collaborative work in the near future, is there a timeframe for rollout on this? 

Do you know if or how source files can be saved, or when this may be implemented?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Dorrien! Happy to hear from you. As you mentioned, we’re going to be introducing two new features that will help with collaborating on your Rise courses. First, we are going to enable you to completely transfer ownership of your Rise course to another author. Second, we are going to make it even easier to actually work with another author on building a Rise course. Both of those features are set to come out in the next couple of months.

Because Rise is a web-authoring tool, all of the editable content will stay online. But as long as the course is owned by an active subscription holder, it will always be available to be updated! We will announce those features as soon as they are shipped. And you can stay abreast of all the latest news for Articulate 360 right here.

David Tait

If I develop a course for a client and they want the source files (common for most of us), are you saying that the client would need to have a subscription just to be able to get hold of them? If that's the case I think your model is flawed.

Setting that aside, assuming that my client does purchase a subscription and I transfer the files to them, what happens if they let their subscription expire, would the source files still be saved somewhere and for how long, or would they disappear as soon as the subscription lapses?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Rise is a web based authoring tool, so we're working on a "Send a Copy/Transfer" a course option that would allow you to share it with another Articulate 360 user. I'll keep you posted once that's released! 

You can export out  the course or copy the "Share" link. The Share link will remain active even if the subscription or trial period ends. 

I can understand why you'd want to have a copy of your Rise source files, so I'm going to share this idea with our Product team. 

David Tait

Thanks Ashley, I'm comfortable with the web-based authoring etc, but for most of our clients I think not being able to obtain the source files might stop them having us develop in Rise.

Hopefully the product team see the value in the suggestion and we won't have that issue.

Shellisa Multrie

I don't we realized that we wouldn't be able to have the source files saved locally. In instances where training is compliance related or in response to a legal issue, they request the files and sometimes the source files may be needed to be placed in the appropriate format. This makes me also think about conversion into other tools like brainshark with for regulatory reasons is sometimes required for our training. Thanks for listening and taking our concerns to the team.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shellisa,

Thanks for that explanation - it's really helpful to know when and where you may need these types of files. 

Are clients looking to edit them or just have a copy they could always view?  For the latter scenario, would it work if you could provide a copy the client could keep offline (say to store it on their desktop or server)? Here's a quick Peek on how to keep a Rise course offline. I know another user was looking at a print screen of each screen in Rise. Would either of those work for you? 

I looked up Brainshark, but wasn't clear how you'd want to use that with Rise? 

David Tait

The main point for Articulate to note is that if at the scoping stage a client requests that they receive copies of the source files, and it's a 'must-have', e-learning professionals won't be able to recommend Rise as the authoring tool, no matter how much they might want to.

It goes without saying that without a subscription a client won't be able to edit the Rise source files, and I don't think that is a problem. By obtaining the source files a client is empowered to do with their content as they like. They can purchase a subscription to edit the files, they can come back to the original vendor, or they can choose another vendor.

To pick up on Shellisa's comment about compliance/legal content needing to go through a review/be stored somewhere. I think this is a separate thing as it can't be expected that the actual source files be made available to open in a third-party application. However, it would be nice to see an export to Word feature similar to that in Storyline.

Tracy Carroll

I agree--I would love to be able to give the source files to clients! A client hired me to create a few RISE courses, and the application is so new I don't think either one of us thought about the issue of source files.

After I delivered the published files, I realized that the client will not have access to be able to make even minor changes on this course, unless they go through me. That's not acceptable to me!

Also, I can't guarantee I will subscribe to 360 next year. As a freelancer, it will depend on whether there is client demand. 

Cass Netzley

Considering we can export projects out in a few formats (TinCan, AICC, SCORM, raw)-- 

If the Articulate team added the ability to import one of these types (take raw for example here)... would that not give you and your clients what they're looking for to some degree?

The downfall I see would be that the client would then need a Rise subscription to log into the editor, import, and manipulate the 'source' zip provided to them. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, we shared the general consensus of why folks are looking for this particular feature - and then we leave it up to our product team to figure out  how to best accomplish this and meet the needs of the majority of users. 

We do get lots of requests and ideas here in the forums, so in case you're wondering, here's how we manage all of the ideas we receive!

Cory Warshawsky

It seems as though an alternate solution would be to allow a clients/user to create a "ghost" account without an actual paid 360 subscription, then the source file could be shared with that account. The client/user could then have access to the source files at any time and could activate their "ghost" account to make edits. 

This sounds like a great sales conversion approach for the Articulate Sales team as well. 

  • Warm lead generation
  • Targeted advertising
  • Clients more likely to sign up on their own

I'm sure there are a few other benefits this approach might provide as well.

(That account would need to be available indefinitely)

Steve Davis

As a company that likes to ensure the safety and security of the training it creates, it feels like a misstep to rely on a full web integration product.  I believe it would be helpful to create a package file of the rise course so that it could be removed from the web version and stored on locally behind our company's firewall.  Any time changes should be made we could re-upload the file to rise and make are changes.

It would be great to set this functionality added.


Lynn Wonsick

I work for a Healthcare company that is really tight with IT security and we would need to be able to definitely need to load or store the files on our company's servers.  If it would be possible to at least create a package to be saved locally and then upload if needed to use RISE for changes.  My team has multiple accounts with 360 so that is not the issue,  It is being able to secure the files locally that would be our IT security's preferences. 

Kevin Fox

This seems to be along the same lines as the issue I have come across. I have designed a RISE course for the UK bases of our company and there has been a request from our Spanish bases to now mirror the course at their side but they require access for translation etc.

Am I correct in saying the only way they would be able to make the necessary amendments from their end would be for someone at that side to have an Articulate 360 subscription?