Saving Rise Source Files to Local Hard Drive

Apr 03, 2017


Currently it does not seem possible to save the Rise source files to one's local machine. As we plan do develop some modules in Rise for clients, we would need to send them the source files if they would like to modify the modules themselves at a later stage. 

I understand that there may be sharing of Rise files between accounts for collaborative work in the near future, is there a timeframe for rollout on this? 

Do you know if or how source files can be saved, or when this may be implemented?


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Aileen Thome

I also need a way to save the source file on a local hard drive badly.


In our company (13.000 employees) I am currently the owner of the Articulate 360 Teams Account. Soon this Teams Account will be extended to minimum 20 seats. I will be the only one of these people who will have a permanent license for now. The other seats will be switched around as needed. 

1. I will loose overview if in the years to come everyone creates more and more Rise Courses and they all have to sit in my dashboard because I am the only one with a permanent license. The way it is now I already have 28 courses sitting in my dashboard and we only have had this software for 3/4 of a year. 

2. It would make the process of sharing a course back an forth way easier if I don't have to be the only person in the whole company that "owns" them. 

3. It is super insecure for everyone if we can't save the files. Whenever I should have a problem with my account it will be a super scary moment in which we could loose many important courses. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

It would obviously help a lot of people if you could come up with da file that we can save on a local hard drive and open up later from a different account again. 



Cass Netzley
Aileen Thome

In our company (13.000 employees) I am currently the owner of the Articulate 360 Teams Account. Soon this Teams Account will be extended to minimum 20 seats. I will be the only one of these people who will have a permanent license for now. The other seats will be switched around as needed. 




Hi Aileen,

Not to derail the intent of this thread, but the company I work for has similar traits to yours. 

It was brought to my attention this article from the Articulate team about licensing and swapping for teams. Maybe you're already well aware of this info, but if not pay particular attention to the 'Can I swap users in and out of seats' section.

' In each 12-month period, you can transfer seats up to two times the number of seats in your account. For example, if your team has 10 seats, you can make up to 20 transfers per year.'

This was news to us and now we're *planning* accordingly to play by the rules with our 16 seats and 32 permitted swaps a year. 

Glen Murdock

Like Cass says, if you follow that system you'll be probably okay. We've had people come and go over the past couple years, and so far the only real issue is the connection between the Rise "file" and it's respective Review view mode/hyperlink. You'll break any review links when you transfer ownership. They'll still work for reviewers, but if you publish a new version for review, you'll need to resend the link - it also "overwrites" all comments up to that point, since it actually publishes a new version of the Review version of the course, totally separate from what people have already been looking at.

Paul Morley

Plus one for this feature request please ... 

Is it still on the roadmap as I note some of the replies are from 2 years ago?

Within our business we have quite a few developers who can pick up a Storyline source file and edit the content at any time (without the need for sharing etc.) ... this means that if the original developer is off on holiday etc. work doesn't have to wait for sharing. 

I appreciate that not providing source files gives a certain benefit to Articulate, in that people will be less likely to allow their subscription to lapse ... but the worry for the developer here (employed by a business who have a procurement team) is that the procurement process doesn't go to plan, a subscription lapses for a short period and all source content (and templates) are lost. This exact scenario happened to us recently for another online provider we use and this cost us quite a bit of time / money.

Any updates would be appreciated?

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Paul,

I appreciate the insight you've shared. While downloadable source files are not on our feature roadmap, I did want to mention that your courses will remain intact on our servers for at least six months after your trial or subscription expires. If you renew your subscription during that time, you'll have access to all your courses again.

Peter Ward

This is not really a viable solution. We're working with a Fortune 50 company, and they are strongly advising away from Articulate Rise and fully supporting competing platforms -- for this very reason.  For these larger corporations, investing in courseware development -- only to then have it not archivable, not retrievable, not transferrable outside this platform -- is a deal killer; we're seeing it first-hand.  You have a decent product.  I hate to see it bested by the likes of Elucidat et al.  My strong recommendation:  Get it on the feature roadmap, ASAP. 

Paul Morley

Really appreciate your reply Alyssa ... it's a relief to know content won't be lost within 6 months like our other supplier.

If you could pass on my thoughts I'd really appreciate it. Whilst I can understand the business case for removing this feature from your roadmap, and I still use Rise, I'm in a particular position. I work for a business who has a procurement team and my licence is maintained by the business I currently work for.

If I were to do freelance work in the future - it would very difficult to justify designing in Rise and handing over only published content whilst explaining to any client that they will need to make ongoing payments to me - to maintain a source file. For this reason I see the none source file approach as pretty much ruling out the use of Rise for freelance work (a decision which I'm sure will affect subscription levels, for what i see, as one of the best online authoring tools around).

Cass Netzley

Hi Paul,

Although not optimal, you could send a copy of the Rise source to a client at the end of your contractual work. Granted that would require someone on your client's team to have an Articulate/Rise 360 license and maintain, but that gives them ownership over the source (well a copy of it) that is unique and can be updated at their discretion. If necessary, they can contract another freelance person w/ a 360 license and send a copy to them to make updates.

As I mentioned, not necessarily optimal-- but negates the need to have you be the primary gatekeeper of the project's source file once the work is complete.

2Training Loan

My five cents.
Basically , reading this thread tells me,  every case here screams, break out Rise as a separate lower cost license. It is simply not feasible to ask clients to get a yearly license and use so little of the capacity bought and paid for. if you want the application Rise to take the role of powerpoint in businesses ( an expected applications standard everywhere..) then the business model of today will likely not make that happen.

The business model need to change as step 1. As step 2 the offline requirements need to be considered. meaning, Articulate need a small Rise desktop client that can securely handle the online files, offline. Free as part of the Rise package.

layton fogah

Has there been any updates on this?   I am hired as a contractor for a university and I currently use RISE to design courses.  However it would be nice that I could save a copy of the SOURCE files somewhere so that if someone else needs to update/modify the file they are able to do so.  At least with Storyline 360 you can do so but unfortunately RISE does not have a local file that everything gets saved to.  Any update would be great.  Thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Layton!

Right now, we don't have plans for adding a source file feature to Rise 360.

That being said, don't worry about losing your content if you leave your current Rise 360 team. The admin of your team will have the option to reassign all your courses to another team member before you leave. 

In addition, be sure to check out our recommendations for freelancers working with Articulate 360 teams!

Robbi James

I'll add another voice into the mix.  We switched to Articulate 360 last year, and have been using Rise 360 a lot in the past few months.  A few weeks ago, one of our Rise courses mysteriously disappeared - the published content was gone, resulting in a 'Hmmm, we can't find what you're looking for' message to the user, who reported it to us.  When we viewed the link, it was gone - and when we went to re-publish, we found the source file was also missing.  

Articulate Support was unable to locate the source file and insisted that we must have deleted it - which we didn't.  The course had been stable and working from December, had not been modified or updated, none of my team had touched it.  Yet it was gone.  Because nothing was stored locally or backed up, we didn't even have the published version to refer to - we had to re-create the entire module from scratch.

Obviously this had made me extremely motivated to not only backup all of my content, but to deliver it from our own servers and not through Articulate servers.  If I can't depend on the content being stable, and if files are just going to disappear and I can't back them up, it's not a reliable solution for us.

So... what exactly is Articulate suggesting that I do?  Send a copy of every file to myself, and manage the duplicates?  I hope you realize this isn't a viable solution.  We need a way to store and/or backup our content.  Make it editable only through a valid Rise 360 subscription, for sure - but if you can't guarantee that my content is stable, especially if you can't recover something that has disappeared (for whatever reason), you need to provide me with a way to back it up and store it on my own server.

Cass Netzley
Robbi James

So... what exactly is Articulate suggesting that I do?  Send a copy of every file to myself, and manage the duplicates?  I hope you realize this isn't a viable solution.  

This is the unfortunate reality that's become my primary Rise 360 account. Backups on backups and I manage the source files for a team (spread across the globe) of over 20 that are using Rise as our main content production tool.

Fortunately, I'm afforded the use of an LMS (Docebo) for publishing and versioning, but this helps me none if I was in the predicament you were.

Hopefully, some sort of traction or give can occur from Articulate development on this matter.

Thanks for digging this subject matter back up, it's one of my higher up wishlist items for Rise. Learner note-taking options being the other right along with that. 



Robbi James

I don't think anyone here is requesting offline editing.  What we're asking for is CONTROL of our own intellectual property, so that it can be passed along to clients or to our successors if we move on.  I have a repository (on our own servers, with our own security) of all of my authored content.  When I move on, someone else will gain access to that repository.

No one here is asking for the keys to the kingdom.  We're asking for a source file that WE can store locally, so that WE are responsible for its security, so that WE always know where to find it and can send it on to a client at the end of a contract or can pass it to our successor in a way that WE think makes sense.  If that file then has to be edited in the cloud with a valid Rise 360 subscription, that's fine - it's no different than my successor having to buy the software used to create any other initial file.  But not to allow us to control our own intellectual property is clearly a problem for a lot of us, and will result in us not utilizing Rise 360 (however useful a product it may be).  

I want to store all of my content in ONE place, so no one has to wonder where it is.  ALL OF IT.  And I want my security people to control who sees it, and who can edit it.  How it gets edited depends on the type of file - and a Rise 360 file which is only editable with a valid subscription is absolutely fine with me.  

Simeon Gavalas

What Robbi said!

Pretty much every EU based big company and/or organization is no-go for Rise at the moment.

We have either outright lost opportunities to Adapt Framework - authoring tool (when an RFP requests cloud-based browser authoring but also specifically requests source files) or we simply don't use Rise - where it would make perfect sense to - because we can't deliver the source files.

And no, asking a client to buy a 360 subscription for storage is not a viable option...

This is seriously holding back an EXCELLENT product!

Have you considered the possibility to transfer ownership of a Rise "project" to an Articulate ID holder that does not have a 360 subscription? That could mitigate the issue, it would not get around legal issues of big EU entities, but it would cover most other cases I think.

The ArticulateID holder would still need a valid subscription to edit the course but would be able to receive and "own" the "source file".


Dorrien Venables

Well said. Currently Rise is the ONLY tool we are currently using that does not allow us to back up source files to our asset management server, it's problematic. If you can publish to Review or send a copy to another account, than you should be able to download a source file or zip version thereof.

On a side note, subfolders will also be super helpful, considering the number of translations that need to take place these days.