Stop learner from moving on if fail

Nov 29, 2017

Any way to remove the ability to move on from a quiz if they fail? In my systems that are behavior based, you don't progress until the knowledge/behavior is present. Any way to adjust this in the quiz type of block?

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James Lavis

ok so here's the full scoop. Have 5 courses, all developed in Rise. Packaged in our LMS in a linear manner, but the LMS for some reason allows you to side access each course. We need to not allow access to users unless they have an agreement signed. LMS doesn't do that either.

So I thought I'd handle this myself, put a true storyline login module at the start. But since they can hen-pick the courses from a different menu, I essentially need the password right in each module, in Rise.

Thinking outside the box and with the new fill in the blank quiz, thought great, I'll use that. But alas they allow you to progress even If you fail. If I could turn that option off, I'd be gold. Secondly, this should be an option anyways as you build compliance training, you can't fail.

James Lavis

See I did that but....the continue button in rise is always visible. So they don't have to complete or even click in the storyline block to advance :)

I had a nice login system made in 360, created it as a block and dropped it in the front. Put my settings to restricted navigation. Thought I was set. Then that stupid banner exists at the bottom allowing you to move on.

James Lavis

great minds think alike...Done and done. LMS won't have a solution until summer (not a help) and I contacted articulate directly. Despite my case issue, this feature is absolutely mandatory. Unless you are completing an informational course, what learning professional would allow a participant to continue despite failing? That's how maladjusted behaviors are born.

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