Storyline Block in Rise-Too much space?

Jun 29, 2022


I created a couple of Storyline blocks to add to Rise.  I'm mostly happy with how things turned out. However, I'm wondering if I have too much space in the block? I tried hard to close in the margins in SL, but I'm just not sure. Any thoughts or advice? Or does it look okay as is? I've added a Peek screencast for review.

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can modify the padding in the block settings. Change the upper and lower to 0.

Also, since the Storyline slide is going to be embedded and it's going to have some white space, I'd push the content on the slide to the top, bottom, and sides as much as you can. I created a video that walks through some ideas. At about 8:00 you can see what I do on the Storyline side.

Steve McAneney

Besides setting the padding to zero, which still leaves huge gaps around Storyline blocks, I found that setting the background for the Storyline content to the same color as the Rise block, and including all text/titles within the Storyline content looks best. My opinion only though. Example is attached.