Storyline file not loading in Rise

Sep 16, 2018

I have an SL 360 file that works fine locally, works fine in SL 360 online review, works fine in Rise online review, but does not load on a mobile device.  The Rise review link is: Users are seeing the animated loading 'dots' but the play button never appears.   The SL review link is: 

Thanks for your help. 

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Denise Kopcha

I'm having a similar issue. I publish a SL project to Review 360, then insert it as an interactive SL block into my Rise project. It works for me, but it intermittently works for other users. When it doesn't work, the users get either:

  • A gray screen with the arrow on it, like it's ready to play. They click the arrow and it plays, but it should start at the first slide of the project, not with a gray screen and arrow.
  • Continual spinner, like it's trying to load the project and it can't.

I'm going to republish to Review 360 and insert into the Rise project again, but I'm concerned about this intermittent behavior.

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