Subfolders - Subsections

Oct 25, 2017


I'm creating my first rise course. I was able to create a folder and projects within that folder. Within a project I'm able to create sections. 

However I don't seem to find a way to create subfolders or subsections.

My objective:

folder = portfolio of all products; subfolders = range of products

Project = course per individual product containing different sections & subsections depending on topics we would like to highlight about the product (different angles)

Anyone who can help? Is it possible at all? If so, what am I not seeing/doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for the support

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Cindy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Congratulations on your first Rise course! That's exciting!

Folders have been added to Rise to allow you to easily manage all your Rise courses. You can create folders on your Rise dashboard to organize projects and quickly find what you need. Check out the details and a demo here if needed.

Sub-folders are not a feature at this time, but it sounds like you may have a use-case and I encourage you to share your idea with our team here.

Bri Zanella

Hi Leslie,

Subfolders are going to be a must-have for us, too. If we have several courses we are creating for one client, I don't want 15 courses floating out in my main folder area when I could neatly organize them underneath one folder with the client's name. I am sure this functionality would be highly useful for many of your customers!

Annie Louden

I am adding my voice to this thread because we also need subfolders in my organization. I also think it would be helpful if, from the main page, you could see the name of the folder the course is in. For example, sometimes I'm adding a bunch of courses to a folder, and I can't remember which ones I've added, other than doing it again and getting the message, "This is already in that folder."

Annie Louden

So great to see a roadmap! I have bookmarked it.

Unfortunately, I don't care about anything on your current list. I understand why you have to  do all the accessibility stuff, though.

I don't want to sound like a wet blanket because I do like Rise, and I like your support team, and I don't want to be mean, but I don't need Quiz Question Banks because I use Quizmaker. The quizzes in Rise don't work with my LMS.

And Autoplay Media: Is that even a good thing? What if you have a lesson that scrolls down for some time, with multiple videos? Will they all start playing at once?

I really, really, REALLY need subfolders!!

Jessica Bailey

Totally agree here! I've submitted this as a feature request more than once I think. It would help tremendously, especially to help curb version control since it's basically nonexistent in Rise.

I also have issue with the "shared course" folder within team accounts for collaborators - being able to sort these into different folders would be helpful as well.