support for right-to-left?

Nov 15, 2016


Been looking forward to Rise after serious difficulties with the Adapt Tool. However, the lack of RTL support is currently a deal-breaker for me (and the Israeli/Arab community.. Is that an issue that will be resolved soon? Also, there is no hebrew font and as a result the text is displayed horrendously. there is a beautiful open version for open sans hebrew that will resolve this matter quickly.. pretty please? :) 

Thank you!

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Danit Isaacs

My team at the open University of Israel, would also like to test the RTL beta feature, can you please include us?

in the meantime, this is the workaround we're doing:

Export and download your Rise project.

In the "index.html" file, change the <HTML> tag from this:

<html lang="en" class="">

To this:

<html lang="he" class="" dir="rtl">

"he" sets the language to Hebrew, and "rtl" sets the direction right to left

If you're using a language that's not supported by the default font used by Rise, you must add the font file to the directory:   lib\fonts,
and changed the font in the "index.html" file, using the <STYLE> tag

Write your font instead of the bolded ones below:

 .brand--head, .brand--head *   { font-family: Open Sans !important; }

.brand--body, .brand--body *   { font-family: Open Sans !important; }
.brand--lhead, .brand--lhead * { font-family: Open Sans !important; }
.brand--lbody, .brand--lbody * { font-family: Open Sans !important; }
.brand--ui, .brand--ui *       { font-family: Lato !important; }

.brand--beforeHead:before { font-family: Open Sans !important; }
.brand--afterHead:after { font-family: Open Sans !important; }

Save the "index.html" file, and you're done!

Elena Tagliati

Hey Danit, thanks a lot for your tip, it is working great!

The only thing is that when you have IMAGE (on the left)+ text (on the right) , changing to rtl gets mirrored and they overlap, here an example:


which would require to change the css - or is there any other workaround? thanks



ps. any news on rtl support? it is quite important for us as well!

Elena Tagliati


my colleague tried to replace this margin-left from 8.33333% to 0% in the main.bundle.css 


and this solved the issue of overlapping.

I just noticed that something that still need some adjustment is the labeled graphic pop-up boxes.

We are using articulate tools in several languages and I agree that RTL full support would be really a great added value!

N. M.

Hi Articulate Community,

Thank you for the RTL discussion.  I am currently working with a client in Afghanistan and we are developing a course in Dari.  Have there been any updates on the RTL language in Rise or is the workaround still the best way to ensure the text and the images are RTL?

Also, is there a way to put the images on the left?



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephanie. Storyline supports all languages and scripts, including right-to-left scripts—such as Arabic and Hebrew—and double-byte character sets (DBCS)—such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean—so you can create courses in any language

Regarding Rise authoring, we have paused our plans on developing right-to-left support for now, and we'll let folks know if that's something that's coming soon.

Coniqua Abdul-Malik

I'm quite disappointed to see that, Articulate has chosen to pause plans on right-to-left support in Rise, particularly since this discussion has been ongoing over several years. I do appreciate the workaround provided above, which helps address some issues. However, the way that numbered lists and bullets show up, even after changing the html is not consistent with RTL languages.

Have any users found workarounds for this yet?