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Apr 23, 2023

Hi there, 

I am creating an E Learning course in Rise where I will set a no. of challenges (from a workbook) that I want the learners to add information to a text box or similar  - how can I do this?  Is it possible to link all the text boxes into a pdf document so the learner has an action plan on course completion with their reflections? Thanks Marian

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Christopher Santos

Hi Marian,

We don't have a survey/essay block available yet for Rise.  You can instead embed a third-party survey form to capture the reflections of your learners.  The responses will be available from the third-party survey provider.  As for exporting the responses into a pdf document, that might be possible if the survey provider allows it.  If nothing else, you can just use a browser plugin that will allow you to print the web page (showing the reflections) in a pdf.

We can also wait for others in the community who has implemented something similar in the past.  They may have some ideas they can share with us to go about this.