Text Templates

Oct 10, 2017

Is there a way to apply a "master template" of sorts under settings for what size, color and font (even background color) you would like various blocks of text to be so that every time you choose that block (header, paragraph, sub heading), you do not have to change it to your specifications. That would make creating a consistent look and feel between all headers, body text, etc. easier without having to change it each time. For my example, now that we are able to customize text in Rise, I am going back through modules I have built and the formatting is all over the place and it is very tedious to have to change every piece of text. Any suggestions or features I have missed that can make this easier?

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Karl Muller

Rise does not have a Master Template / editable CSS.

We use Block Templates a lot. Block Templates allows you to take a block that has already been styled and formatted, and save it as a template in a Library that is accessible to your entire development team.

We have created a styled and formatted Block Template for each and every block type that we use. When we create a new Rise course we build it exclusively from our Block Template library.