Tracking using quiz result

Jun 05, 2023

If I want the completion setting for a course to be contingent on obtaining 100% knowledge check do the questions have to sit in a knowledge check lesson or can they be dispersed as individual questions throughout other lessons in the course? Also, if they have to be contained in a knowledge check lesson, is there a minimum number of questions requirement?

Many Thanks, Dave


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Karl Muller

Hi Dave,

Using Articulate terminology, a Rise course can consist of Lessons and Quizzes. These are your highest levels of organization within a Rise course and these items will form the menu items in a Rise course.


A Rise Lesson consists of one or more blocks such as Text, Images, Tabs, and Knowledge Check blocks, to name just a few types.  Knowledge Check blocks within a Lesson, are used for formative or informal assessment, i.e. they are tools used by learners to incrementally determine how well they know the content. So Lessons can be used to present content, offer interactions, and have a learner attempt Knowledge Check blocks as self-assessments.


Quizzes on the other hand, do one thing only: present one or more Quiz Questions to a learner as a summative and formal assessment.  If you need a learner to answer all quiz questions correctly, you can set a 100% pass mark for the quiz under the Quiz Settings. 

On the course Publish page, you have three tracking options:

  1. Set a percentage of the entire course that needs to be viewed.
  2. if you have more than one Quiz, you can choose a single Quiz to use to track course completion. 
  3. Track using a single Storyline block.