Transfer Rise course created in Rise LMS to Articulate 360 account

Jun 17, 2022

I am trying to obtain a Rise course that was created within Rise LMS and transfer it to my Articulate 360 account to store as backup. Reason being, we're moving to a new LMS this year and renovating the course soon after, so I want to have a copy of these files before our license expires.

When I click on the ellipsis in the Rise LMS course, I cannot export the course (I get that Rise LMS only wants me to use their LMS) and can only download the course as a PDF. I tried to "Send a copy" to my other account, but I can't enter my email associated with my other Articulate 360 account. It only pulls from emails associated with collaborators in Rise LMS.  

I truly hope to avoid recreating this course all over again, so I am hoping there is some way of transferring this content. If not, it doesn't seem fair that I can't store or edit a course that uses the same authoring tool but just stored differently.

Happy to hear suggestions and thoughts. My manager is aware of what I'm trying to do and I'm hoping to provide a solution for my team. 

Thanks everyone!

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