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Mickael Nezet

Hi everyone,

I re-edit this discussion...

Does someone know a (free) tool to translate XLIFF files that I export from RISE. It would be very helpful ! I have found the following tool, but there is a little big inside. http://www.beyondf.com/tranzapp/translate/

I usually work with some translation agencies, but sometimes it is not required (for a very small project).

Thanks for your help.

Nick Briggs

Hi Mickael,

The following may be useful to you it is open source and works well https://site.matecat.com/open-source/

We specialize in the translation of RISE e-learning courses by offering the full package (our clients generally just send over the course for translation and receive back a fully built translated course (including images / video / voice over / whiteboard animations).

If you are ever in the market for a full service where you don't get bogged down managing the hidden (translation) project within your project drop me an e-mail we would be happy to provide you more information.