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Apr 17, 2019

Can anyone recommend software to translate the XLIFF export file format from Rise? 

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Mickael Nezet

Hi everyone,

I re-edit this discussion...

Does someone know a (free) tool to translate XLIFF files that I export from RISE. It would be very helpful ! I have found the following tool, but there is a little big inside.

I usually work with some translation agencies, but sometimes it is not required (for a very small project).

Thanks for your help.

Nick Briggs

Hi Mickael,

The following may be useful to you it is open source and works well

We specialize in the translation of RISE e-learning courses by offering the full package (our clients generally just send over the course for translation and receive back a fully built translated course (including images / video / voice over / whiteboard animations).

If you are ever in the market for a full service where you don't get bogged down managing the hidden (translation) project within your project drop me an e-mail we would be happy to provide you more information. 



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