Trial Version of Rise--Scorm and 360 Review questions

Feb 15, 2022


I'm taking my last course in grad school. I used Rise to build my sample course which I have to demo to work and school.  In the trial of Rise--none of the downloads/external tools work when you share.  This restriction has been a real problem.  I need to know if I set up a 36o Review--can I use it with Rise? Can I still edit the course?  Will everything work in this version?

In the end, I need to export the course and demonstrate the scorm capabilities to work.  Work review is part of my grade for my graduate class--part of real-world experience.   If I import this as a scorm package into Workday to show how it will work if the company decides to invest in Articulate Rise for the new training program---will the scorm fully function or will parts still say 'external links disabled' due to trial?   

This is a school project.  I do not want to spend $600 for personal student access when I only need Rise for this one course.  If work buys it in the future---then great--I'm happy--but I only need the trial.  Or so I thought.  Any ideas?



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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Betty! 

To discourage spam and phishing attempts, we've disabled file attachments (including attachment blocks) and external links (i.e. those not to or addresses) when you share a course as a Web link during a Rise 360 trial. Links and attachments still function as expected when previewing the course, viewing the course in Review 360, and when exporting to PDF, the web, or for LMS. External links and attachments will work as expected for Web link shares once your trial becomes a subscription.

If you publish your course as a SCORM file and host it in Workday, it will function as expected, even after your trial has expired.