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Lauren Connelly

Hi Distance Learning!

There isn't a way to break up a Rise 360 course outside of Rise 360. Do you have the original course on your Rise 360 dashboard?

If so, I'd recommend creating a new course for each lesson and then copying the lesson from the original course to the new course. 

Here's a 2-minute tutorial of these steps!

Allambi  Training
Distance Education

I have inherited a Rise course -- it has 10 modules. I am migrating it to another LMS and we want to put each module in its own folder (one per week).

Is there a way to take the full course and break it into 10 different modules?

I have the same predicament and the link on Lauren's post no longer works. Can anyone assist, please?

I have a 24 module course that I need to migrate as a SCORM package to MOODLE as separate modules.

Karl Muller

Using Rise terminology, a Course consists of Lessons and/or Quizzes.

I assume that this is what you are calling "Modules".

Rise does not allow you to export single Lessons/Modules.

The smallest part you can export is a Course that consists of at least one Lesson or Quiz.

So your 24 module course needs to be converted into 24 Rise courses. It's possible to do this, but will require many steps.

This is how I would go about doing this:

Create a new course and complete all the setup: icon, course image, fonts, custom colour, labels, navigation, export settings, etc.

Copy the course 25 times and rename each one as required.

Go back into your original course, and copy one Module/Lesson at a time to it's new parent Rise course.

Export each course and import into Moodle.